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Why hire us
Why hire us
Why hire us


Laughing Pets Atlanta works as a team.   Our team members are employees rather than independent contractors.  There are multiple benefits to working with a company that has employees.


Our staff members are trained to follow my specific instructions in how to best care for your pets.  No matter who your care provider is, you will get the same level of service. Companies utilizing independent contractors cannot train or guide independent contractors.  Independent contractors determine their own set of procedures and make their own decisions in how to best serve the client.  Your care from one independent contractor to the next could be very inconsistent. 


All team members participate in on-going education.  Your care provider is taught how to best handle your pets and keep them safe.  Laughing Pets Atlanta is a FetchFind approved company.  FetchFind provides our team with videos and articles every week.  All of us participate and must pass a quiz after each assignment. 

In addition to this training program, I accompany them on their assignments so that we can tailor the service to your pets needs.  I show them how to dispense medication, reinforce training and work with reactive dogs. I even teach them fun things they can do with your pet such as tricks, games, etc.



I closely monitor and supervise all of my employees.  Companies utilizing independent contractors have little to no supervision.  Legally, their company cannot tell them how to handle a client’s pets.  Most independent contractors are not subject to GPS tracking so you won’t know if the visits are not shortened or done at different times than your request.


Laughing Pets Atlanta, applicants go through an intensive screening process. All applicants take a personality test, have a phone screening and two face-to-face interviews one being a hands-on interview.  In addition, all employees have passed a national, state and county background check.  Companies hiring independent contractors have a minimal screening process and oftentimes don’t meet the applicants.  Everything is done online.



Independent contractors can contract out their jobs.  They can send anyone into your home without notification to you or even the company!  You will not  know the level of training and education they have, not to mention that the substitutes are not insured.  Though independent contractors are required by law to have liability insurance, most do not.


You have direct access to the owner of the company so when there’s a problem you have someone to call that holds its employees accountable for their actions.  When using independent contractors or services like Rover, Thumbtack and Uber-like companies, who do you call when there’s a problem?  They work independently so there is no one to speak with. 


Consider all of those things together and you’ve hired a company who takes dog walking and pet sitting very seriously.  Laughing Pets Atlanta recognizes that your pets are family and deserve the best care providers.  Knowing who has access to your home is not taken lightly by you or by us.  With Laughing Pets Atlanta you are hiring the best of the best and can feel confident you’re your home is protected and your pets are given the very best care.


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