While You Travel/Pet Sitting

While you travel your pets will be happy, healthy and safe in their own home!

While You Travel/Pet Sitting
While You Travel/Pet Sitting
While You Travel/Pet Sitting

All pet visits include:

Snuggle, cuddles, belly rubs
Caring for cat(s) during dog visit
Retrieving mail
Freshening water
Litter box cleaning
Removal of pet waste

Dispensing medication if needed
Prompt follow up after visit
Watering plants
Rotating lights
Closing blinds
Curbing garbage cans
Dog walk and potty break

Pet Sitting Rates

$19 per 20-minute visit
$25 per 30-minute visit
$35 per 45-minute visit
$48 per 60 minute visit
Additional dog
$2 per dog

Cat Sitting 
$21 per visit

Overnight In Your Home
(includes 20-min, mid-day visit)
Additional dog
$7 per dog

“Almost Overnight”
2 Hour evening visits
Holiday Surcharge
$9 per visit
$20 per night for overnight care
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