Walking my dog in hot weather?

Laughing Pets Atlanta is committed to keeping your pets safe.  In Atlanta, temperatures in the summer are unbearable.  Lest we not forget the humidity!!  We definitely will take your dog outside, but we will limit the time outside so your dog doesn’t suffer a heat stroke.  We will walk your dog leisurely and make sure all potty business is done.  While walking, we will search for as much shade as possible and try our best to avoid the blacktop.   Walking on white pavement or grass is much safer.  Though we may not spend our time outside, we will definitely work hard to make sure your dog gets some meaningful exercise.

We will come into the house and do some indoor activity.  Did you know that training expends energy and can make your dog tired?  Don’t be surprised if we teach your old dog a new trick!

There are also games to play.  “Go Find It!” and “Hide and Seek” are two fun ones to play.  We might do some doggie pushups.  That’s when we ask your dog to sit, lay down, sit, lay down….you get it, right?

Back to heat stroke…  Please familiarize yourself with the symptoms of heat stroke, what to do if your dog has a heat stroke and of course, what conditions cause a heat stroke.  Link over to Signs of Heatstroke by Drs. Foster and Educational Staff.

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