Using Technology

When choosing a pet sitting service, does technology matter?

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Using Technology


Making a decision about who will come into your home and take care of your four-legged family members is very important.  Not only will they be responsible for your pets, but also for the safety and security of your home.


Our pet sitting software, Time to Pet, is an online portal that stores all of your sensitive information.  The site is secure and is only accessible to you and your individual sitter.

Each of our sitters has a password-protected app on their phone that gives them access to this information so that there is no paper trail.  When your sitter has your keys there is nothing on her person or her car that would ever link those keys back to you.  Each sitter has their own login so that they can quickly assess the details for the client they are servicing.


This information ranges from your names and contact information to the alarm codes, schedules of your trips, and your pet’s food and medication data.  Do you want that data to be on written on pieces of paper kept in your sitters’ cars?  What happens if their car is broken into or is stolen with all of your sensitive home information inside?  If you are trusting your neighbor, family member or even some pet sitters who don’t utilize technology, the security of your home and pets could be significantly compromised if the information needed to provide service for your pets and home is not gathered and stored in a secure manner.


At your door, each sitter checks in through their app and when the visit is over, the sitter checks out.  This process documents the duration time and it even goes a step further.  A pin is dropped when they check in and out so their locations are verified.  You will never have to worry if your sitter is cheating you out of visit time.


All scheduling requests go directly into the pet sitting software for us to approve and confirm. Think of the times you want to set up a visit but it’s too late at night to call or text! It’s no problem; getting it scheduled is as easy as logging in to Time to Pet and making the request.  The next morning, you will receive an email confirmation that your visit is set.


Maybe there is a specific visit where you want us to do something out of the ordinary.  No problem, just log in to Time to Pet and send us a message.  Or, when you schedule, put those special instructions right into the request.  Need to pay an invoice?  No need to search through your emails.  You can access all pet care invoices at any time in Time to Pet and pay them at your convenience. You can even store a credit card in your online Time to Pet account and we can charge your card as you book services.  One less task on your to-do list.


Technology makes working with Laughing Pets Atlanta so much easier.  There’s so little for you to do and so little for you to worry about.  Focus on having fun with your pets!  We have you covered.



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