Safety in the car and other travel tips….

Keeping your pets safe while in a vehicle is very important.  Laughing Pets Atlanta considers safety with any activity that involves your pet.  All pets ride in the back seat.  Pets will either be harnessed or in a crate.  Should you have these items to give us, that’s great.  Otherwise, Laughing Pets Atlanta will loan you.  If your pet is anxious in the car, we will give him a special toy or special treat such as a Kong to distract him.

The windows will be cracked so your pets can take in the smells along the way, but they will not be able to stick their heads out the window.  I wouldn’t want anything to get into your pet’s eyes.   Loud music is not allowed and the car will be at a comfortable temperature.

How can you keep your pets safe in the car?  What about when you travel by plane?  Or by train?  Traveling with pets has become quite common these days.  There is even an airline dedicated to flying pets!

Don’t forget to take your pets to the vet before you travel.  You may need proof of vaccinations.  Your vet may prescribe a mild sedative to get your pets through the experience.  If this is the case, leave some time for you to do a “test run.”

For additional tips, please check out this article from the ASPCA.

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