Overnight Pet Sitting

Hours of snuggles, cuddles and belly rubs and sweet dreams as well!

Overnight Pet Sitting
Overnight Pet Sitting
Overnight Pet Sitting

Service Includes:

Snuggle, cuddles, belly rubs
Caring for cat(s) during dog visit
Retrieving mail
Freshening water
Litter box cleaning
Removal of pet waste

Dispensing medication if needed
Updates during the visit
Watering plants
Rotating lights
Closing blinds
Curbing garbage cans
Dog walk and potty break

Overnight Rates 
Overnight stay in your home
7pm – 7am
$100 per night
Additional dog
$5 per dog

“Almost Overnights”
2-hour evening visit
Additional dog
$5 per dog

Holiday Overnights
7pm – 7am
$120 per night
Additional dog
$5 per dog


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Why choose overnight care?

  • You will have peace of mind regarding your pets and your home.
  • Your pets will have human interaction for hours.
  • Pets are much more comfortable in their own environments and are less stressed overall.
  • Keeping your pets on their usual schedule is much easier when we stay overnight.
  • Your house will be much safer with someone living in it.
  • Your pets will be much happier sleeping in bed snuggled up next to your caregiver (as long as you allow human bed sleeping.)



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